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MICROTECNOR S.r.l. is an Italian company that produce dental attachments.

Present in Italy and all over the world since 1952, through the years has become a leader society in the production, distribution and exportation of dental attachments, dental materials and dental equipments for technicians.


Our most known article, and the most sold in the world is the ASC52. It is a stress breaker resilient joint attachment based upon the original adaptation of the CARDAN JOINT principle to the requirements of dental technology


MICROTECNOR offer a wide range of top quality products:

Micropower for dental attachments;

Blue power for dental equipments;

Green Power for auxiliaries products.


Our goal is to maximize our efficiency in all our fields of action: production, distribution and customer satisfaction.


Our Quality System is in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001, UNI EN ISO 13485 regulations and with the E.C. mark regulations.


Our products are strictly controlled to reach high quality standards, starting from the biocompatible materials passing through the sophisticated and modern technologies to reach the final product.


Besides all our products are always in evolution being more and more near the technician’s exigencies.


MICROTECNOR boasts efficient and punctual services.


MICROTECNOR enrich continuously his traditional corporate assets with the most sophisticated technologies, guaranteeing our usual style.

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